Pictures for practicing adjective comparison

Practice adjective comparison by playing memory. Name the pictures as they turn up and encourage the child to do the same. The pictures
can be used in several different ways. You can either play classic memory and pair the pictures, or you can pair opposites so that, for example, the image with the small chest is paired with the image with a large
chest. Before you finish playing, talk about the images and compare them to
each other. Which pirate is the oldest and which cat
looks most scared?

You can also play “Go fish” and practice comparing adjectives. The one who
gets the most pairs wins. A pair can either be two equal pictures or you can
collect all three pictures in an adjectival series so that
for example, all three pictures of the happy, happier and happiest crab is to be paired together. Good luck!

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In need of a grammar refresh? Here is a video describing comparative adjectives.